eries «Fortress» consists of 4 sets - «Tower», «Fortification», «GateWay» and «Castle», that can be assembled both individually and all together - in whole encient city. Until today in Ukraine preserved fortress that fascinate with their beauty and majesty. They linked the mysterious and even mystical legends. Every year millions of tourists visit. The most famous of them - Akkerman fortress Kamyanets-Podolsky (belonging to the Seven Wonders of Ukraine) Hotinskaya, Kodatska and others.

Get 4 sets of «Fortress» Series and build the ancient city with entrance gates, towers, defensive walls and castle based on scheme on our website or imagine and make up your own castle! If you do it don’t hesitate to share your architect talents with us!

Our toy is made of hardwood - 100% environmentally friendly, safe material.
Does not contain harmful impurities.

All construction sets Igroteco are compatible with each other and are complementary.

Брама_650х450PARS: 296 pcs
Size assembled: 50 х 22 х 15 cm
Weight: 1,8 kg
Package size: 37 х 30 х 8 cm