If you being a child loved to spend hours playing with the CONSTRUCTION SETS then you are likely persistent and sometimes stubborn. If you seriously consider anything to be done, it will. But you're even a little bit suspicious, trying to check everything yourself. And you don’t like to change anything in yourself.

If you like to work with PLASTICINE it means you like improvements. You create a new reality for yourselves. You will not regret your efforts to change the world. But not all people around you are ready to play the same game with you.

Do you prefer BOOKS? You are a tireless dream-maker and you prefer to travel without going out. You are meticulous and able to get deep insight. But sometimes you forget about everyday duties.

RAILWAY. You adore travelling with comfort, you chose the stops you like, but you never delay. Because your life is a chain of meeting and saying good-bye.

PAINTS. Passion to paint in a childhood shows the ability to catch the subtle nuances of relationships. If you are lucky to realize your potential and you use the richness of your nature, the people around you feel happy. Your sensitive nature and openmindness make you always cozy and interesting.

BALL. You are a man of action, and therefore you don’t stop or meditate on the problem. You want to act quickly. If you are eager to receive something, it’s hard to keep you. You don’t care about life comfort, you are unpretentious person.

SOFT EDUCATIONAL materials. The intellectual abstraction is not your element. You like new sensations, emotions, everything you need to feel, to experience for yourself. The desire for fun and games is embedded in you by nature. So it is important to direct it the right way, so your emotions don’t dominate. You constantly need fresh impressions so not to be sad and not to turn into whiners.

CAMERA. If it was your main toy it means you are such a person who likes to keep all memories in mind. It is difficult to express your own emotional state of mind. You strongly depend on other people’s opinion.

DOLLS. You love to meet new people to know and understand them better. But games you would like to play with them are not so long-term. However it does not exclude the fact that you are determined to learn the human nature.

SOLDIERS. You like to plan maneuvers and set tactical goals. Later you probably fell in love with chess or computer games. Before implementing your desires and intentions you always consider and plan in proper way. You learn easily but to achieve success you should combine your intellectual power and action.