SENSORY ACTIVITIES: Wood is one of those natural materials which feels “warm”and positively affects the nervous system of the child. In a child’s toy arsenal there should be objectsdifferent in texture to develop tactile sensations. The parts are different in length and have corners and indents whichstimulate nerve endings in different parts of a palm creating the "massage effect" as well as stimulating capillary circulation.


FINE MOTOR SKILLS: IGROTECO’S parts small enough in size and manipulations with them while trying to combine,develop a child’sfine motor skills leading to the development and growth of neural connections in the brain subcortex.

: Using a set, a child can create a number of models from planar to spatial and fill them to its own liking ("raft" on a river, "parquet floor" or "hut", "fence" of a court "fortress", etc.). Playing a building set, connecting individual parts into a whole encourages the development of three-dimensional thinking of preschool and school age children.

by comparing and selecting, parts of various lengthsenable a child aged 1 to 3 years to detect larger (longer) and short ones, study number, counting, understand the concept of "half", "more", "less". The same length of a detail can be obtained through various design solutions:

- Joining parts of different length;
- Replacing them with one large piece unit.