To develop MOTOR SKILLS of hands, choose collapsibletoys, with parts small enough but such in size as to prevent a child from swallowing or choking on them. A child should spend plenty of time working with itsfingers to help develop speech and coordination of hands.


For the PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT of your child’s legs, arms and back it is good to use bicycles without pedals or cars to push off from the ground with the help of legs. Also, good “trainers” are ball games, digging, catching and running.Go to playgrounds with your child. A child will gain a lot of positive emotions, lose negative energy and improve muscle tone.

For CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT, use paint, pencils, chalk, asphalt chalks, colored paper, clay. Artistic creativity of children under 1 year is sooner experimentingwith paint and paper than drawing, but games like these are important for the development of fine motor skills, imagination and the formation of the concept of color.


develop spatial orientation, the ability to distinguish between the whole and parts. Logical thinking is developed, for in order to assemble even a simple construction, one must carefully consider how to connect the parts.

is a very important part of children's leisure. Stack your library with interesting illustrated children's books, read stories to your child, show pictures. Remember about the types of toys which develop a child’s musical skills. Remember that children's games should be integral activities ofa child’s everyday life, as well as sleep and food!