1. Teach your child to understand the world and the way it is built; a child needs to know what materials are natural and where they come from.

2. Let your child play with natural materials and feel its touch. Walking out, let him\her pluck a flower or a leaf of bush, pick up a stone ...

3. Allow your child to play with water, warm or cold, pouring from one vessel into another. Show a boat which is held on the water and does not sink, the way bubbles are formed from water.

4. Clay and earth will also enable a child to broaden outlook about the environment. A child learns to add water to clay and make it sticky. It's so much fun!

5. Encourage your child to play with stones and leaves. Playing with these materials will not teach the basics of botany or geology, but will show that the world is filled with a variety of textures, shapes and objects.

6. Wooden toys and building sets will become indispensable. They will help your child feel warmth to the touch and woodenergy. Playing building sets for a longhelps a child to develop attention, logical thinking, team working etc.

7. Do not narrow your child with plastic toys only. Give more opportunities to work with natural materials.

You – parents - are entrusted such a big responsibility – getting to know the world))).
Do not let them down.