How then, with the habitual idea that children have a more developed imagination than adults? The fact is that it is less standard and stylish in them - the baby, trying to explain the various manifestations of the outside world, often resorts to non-standard, often strange, and therefore amusing explanations, and they seem to us because of this unusual and original. But in fact, if you really want to help your child with the development of a truly creative imagination filled with unusual patterns and ways of solving life's tasks, then some effort will have to be made.

And here a variety of developing toys and stimulating tasks come to our aid. When solving problems that correspond to the level of the age development of the baby, he trains to do it in the future better and faster. This stimulates his interest in mental exercises and intellectual activity. It is also worth investigate which tasks and areas of activity are best for the child, which is of greater interest to him - this will be the key to his further cognitive development and interest in it.

Among the rather large number of stimulating tasks and developing games, special constructors games take place - they are called to influence the spatial aspect of the child's imagination, to deepen his knowledge of how objects can interact with each other, how to properly connect them, later moving to the abstract level of representation, when all these transformations and interactions take place in the imagination, later they are recreated alive.

The question arises - which building sets would then be better to choose if there are so many of them on the shelves? Taking into account the need for safety and simplicity of design, as eco-friendliness of the material, the children's building sets TM "Igroteko" will be a good choice, combining the functionality, intuitive clarity of folding and the ability to construct with their own hands from small houses to impregnable fortresses and stellar spaceships.

The advantage of the building sets among the range of developing games looks great, isn’t not? They will not only be a good baby toy. Such children will be more successful in future learning, and most importantly - they will be able to experience the joy and inspiration from their own successes, which will continue to nourish their interest in increasingly complex cognitive tasks and hobbies.